Monday, August 31, 2015

Vegan: Day 1

There was no one big thing that made me realize that veganism is what’s right for me. No movie I watched that made it click (though I’ve heard good things about Veducated!), no single animal that made me hear, “But Lisa, I thought you loved me!” in my head. It just kind of… happened.

I turned thirty this year, and a lot of things have changed for me. The day after I turned thirty, I got engaged to my amazing fiancé. I started working as a full-time author. I started background acting. My first nephew was born. And last March, I stopped eating red meat.

I can’t really remember why I stopped, but I just did. No more pigs, no more lambs, no more cows – basically mammals were off the table. Then a month ago I realized how half assed it was, and I cut out the poultry and fish.

And yesterday, as I sat down to snack on the chocolate bar I’d bought, I realized that milk was just as bad as the rest, as were eggs. And I just couldn’t do it. No monumental thing, but I just realized that animal products and I aren’t really going to get along anymore. The last non-vegan thing I ate was a Wonderbar. Imagine that.

It’s a big switch. Dairy is hidden in so many things, and it will be a lot of work. So I decided to start this blog for me to share my journey into a plant based diet to get tips, share suggestions, and discuss with like-minded individuals. Please comment with tips, correct me when I’m wrong, and keep me honest!

Now, why, “The Horror Vegan?” My two biggest loves are animals and horror movies. I’ve wanted to start a horror review blog for some time, and thought I might combine the two. I started a horror Instagram (thehorrorvegan) a while back and so many other horror fans are vegans too! So I’ve decided that once a week, I’ll review an obscure or new horror film on here as well.

Hey, it's me as Freddy Krueger
I’ll be posting at least three times a week, and I’ll share recipes, gym workouts, movie reviews, vegan shopping hauls, and anything that either fits in as either vegan or horror, so I hope I’ll find lots of readers who enjoy horror, veganism, or both!