Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Unlocked My First Vegan Superpower!

Smoking eyes not included
And I couldn't be more proud of myself!

One of the side jobs I do for a little extra cash here and there is background acting. It's fun, it's interesting, and it's easy as hell. I quite enjoy it, and 99% of the people are awesome. 1% are... interesting.

There is one 'interesting' fellow I've found myself on set with a few times now, and he is nice. A little too nice. A lot too nice. A... well, he keeps on hitting on me! It's non-stop and today I found myself working with him again and he started with the flirting that I've tried to shut down before. I've made sure he is aware I am engaged to another man, that I'm not interested in him, that I'm from another planet, that I'm moving to a country where they don't speak English (okay, only the first two are true).

Still, he tries his best. I was about to call my agent today and say, "Look, he's a nice guy,
My persona today
but I don't want to work with him again," when he started up, but then another idea came to me.

I would be 'that' vegan.

Normally I'm a pretty passive vegan. I mean, I am new to the whole vegan world and I'm still learning. Plus, in a work setting I don't know how well it would fly for me to push 'the vegan agenda' on people out of nowhere.

But this time I went hard with the vegan talk, I went so hard. The topic of the drought in California came up and I went to, "Not eating meat is the best way you can conserve water at home." He mentioned having eggs that morning. "The egg industry is the number one killer of domesticated animals. They grind up the male chicks when they hatch." The evils of factory farming, the harm to the environment that animal agriculture does, the health benefits of veganism, deep sea trawling for fish, I hit them all at every chance and I made sure I was loud and in his face about it.

By the end of the day, my all too friendly friend wasn't quite so friendly anymore. In fact, he was downright avoiding me.

I'd say it's a damn good superpower to have!

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