Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's Not Just About Eating Better

For most of my childhood, I was pretty chubby. Never obese, but chubby. We lived on a very steak and potatoes type diet, and my parents never put limits on my eating, nor did they force me to get any exercise. What did that mean? Well, I got - and stayed - pretty chubby.

Gaining an extra twenty pounds or so when I went to university was an eye opener. I started eating better, I not only joined a gym, but started taking martial arts, and I lost about fifty pounds and kept it off.

Until a couple years ago. Too many nights lazing around, too little exercise, and too many snacks put me at the heaviest I've ever been. Thankfully, that was four months ago and I've already lost twenty-five pounds an a lot of inches. Going vegan is just a part of a bigger health picture (though the veganism is mostly for ethical reasons).

Right now I'm following a killer workout schedule that has me at the gym at least four days a week, and it's having a schedule that's keeping me motivated. Day one and three are upper body, two and four are lower, and the results have been amazing. It feels damn good to have people say they notice the change!

Here is the workout I've been following (scroll down for the schedule) and if you plan on doing it - make sure you keep track of your weights and reps! you want to improve as time goes on, not get complacent. 

Have any workout tips? Share 'em!

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