Monday, September 14, 2015

Slip Ups and Not Paying Enough Attention

It happened a lot sooner than I thought it would. I know I'm a very, very new vegan, but I thought I'd last a while longer before accidentally eating something I know I shouldn't.

What tempted me so easily? What had me so excited to stuff in my mouth that I didn't check
the ingredients, or frankly, use some common sense?

A macaron.

Those tempting, sugary sweet, fluffy as a cloud, candy coloured little treats that are oh so en vogue right now. To be more specific, it was a miniature earl grey macaron.

I know exactly what they're made of - egg whites. There goes the egg part of vegan. And the cream filling? Buttercream. AKA - butter and sugar. There's dairy.

How did it happen? All too easily, actually.

On Saturday, a friend and fellow bride-to-be and I went to 'Canada's Wedding Expo' in Toronto. It was a wedding show on steroids and people were pushing samples on us like crazy. Cakes, cakepops, truffles, and so many more. Each time I politely turned it down and kept walking. No problem.

But then I saw them. A tower of those pastel coloured clouds of joy. And they were free! The exhibitor called to us, beckoned us with his siren song of sugar and flavour. As a tea lover, I went for the earl grey without giving it a second thought. I popped the tiny, quarter sized treat in my mouth, moaned over the fantastic softness off it, swallowed and...

Oh shit.

A flash hit me. Perhaps this baker had used aquafaba or something else. Maybe I was in
My sweet treat from now on
luck. Maybe I... No. There was a big sign proclaiming them free of gluten, but full of milk and eggs. 

I know these things will happen, and it's not like I paid for the item I ate, but still, I felt terrible about it. It sucked a bit of the life out of me for a bit, and my own impulsiveness won out over reason.

But I know now I need to be more diligent. Here's hoping I can use this to remember to check everything before I eat it.

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