Sunday, September 13, 2015

Invasion of the Food Trucks

Just up the street from me, not a 10 minute walk away, is an amazing event named Supercrawl that is going on right now. Despite cold, rainy weather this year, thousands of people have taken over about six city blocks to celebrate with music, art, culture, and...

Just one of many options to avoid.

The streets are lined with food trucks. From gourmet to greasy, dinner to dessert, there are food trucks everywhere. With those trucks comes the constant wafting of thousands of flavors as you walk down the street. Each one tempting and titillating and making you say, "I want food!"

The downside? Most of those food options involve meat. Everything from pigs to cows to chickens to curiously miscellaneous. Options without meat often involve cheese, dairy, honey, and who knows what else when ingredient listings are available. Were those fries cooked in vegetable oil or animal? Did that potato get baked with butter? Who knows!

Who knows what's in those dogs.
Now, the main point of this blog - at least for now - is that I am a very new vegan. I've been vegan for just shy of two weeks at this point. I know I will never, ever take another bite of meat again, but boy was I tempted. Seeing meat, touching it, neither of those things are appetizing, but the smells. They were... Amazing.

But all it took was one look at the heaps of greasy, steaming meat for me to go, "Oh, no way," and move on. It was easy, and no just because of moral resolve, but because of the options. The smell of meat may have dominated, but it wasn't the only option available.

Salvation! (And healthy too)
If you looked for them, vegan options were everywhere. From soups, to wraps, or my favorite place up the street - The Green Smoothie Bar - I was covered. I got my muddy monkey smoothie and my chocolate peanut butter macaroons, and enjoyed my night listening to music and viewing the art while never having another desire to do something that I'd regret.

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