Thursday, September 3, 2015

Until Dawn

Finally, some horror in my horror/vegan blog!

Great movie posters for real movies.

This past Monday, my fiance surprised be with a copy of Until Dawn for our PS4. Being a huge horror fan, I had to plan this game and oh my god, it was almost impossible to put down for anything.

The game let's you play ten different characters, though three or four of them make up the bulk of the game play. It is mostly based on your choices in horror situations, and how quickly you can react to some quick time events (QTE). Each choice changes how the game is played and what the outcomes are. Some are minor, and some are major (ie: Death).

Now, I'm the kind of gamer who jumps straight to a walk through when things get hairy, but I refused to with this game. I was in it for the ride and sadly, right off the bat I lost a character. Upon looking at what other players have said, he/she is the easiest character to lose, so I didn't beat myself up over it.

But they were the only character I had die! 

The game literally turns into 'Saw'.
Overall, the game is a roller coaster of anxiety and fun. There are so many great nods to other horror genres (Torture Porn, Cannibal Hillbilly, Ghosts, Slasher, Monster, Crazy Miner) that are represented to appeal to all horror fans. It isn't a long play through, but with so many choices that really change the game, there's so much replay ability that I doubt I'll get sick of it soon.

It's a great game, and I really do think other horror fans will enjoy it!

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